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Descriptive properties of the tournament.


Descriptive properties of the tournament.
Type: array of strings
  • "SNG": Sit 'N Go.
  • "DON": Double or nothing. Half of the players win double their buy-in and half win nothing.
  • "Bount": Bounty. Players are awarded prizes for knocking out specific players.
  • "Shootout": Players' hands are all played face up without betting rounds.
  • "Rebuy": Players are offered the opportunity to rebuy stacks of chips. There are various forms of this that include timed or when a player is felted, or a maximum number of rebuys. Rebuy tournaments where the only option for rebuy comes as the player is felted should be flagged as "Re-Entry" instead of rebuy tournaments.
  • "Matrix": One buyin is split between multiple games. Some of the prize pool is awarded for each game while another portion is awarded for the aggregate total placing between the games.
  • "Push_Or_Fold": For every hand you are required to fold or push all-in.
  • "Satellite": Prize includes entry into another tournament.
  • "Steps": Steps tournament where players incrementally gain seats to additional tournaments of greater value.
  • "Deep": Deep stack tournament. Starting stacks are more big blinds than a normal tournament starting stack.
  • "Multi-Entry": Players can have more than a single entry into the same tournament. It is not synonymous with rebuy tournaments, but rather includes tournaments where a player can have more than a single entry at the beginning of the tournament.
  • "Fifty50": Fifty fifty. Fifty percent of players win a prize. All winners are awarded the same base prize plus an amount based on the number of chips remaining in the player's stack.
  • "Flipout": Similiar to a shootout; however, after the first round the remaining play is normal.
  • "TripleUp": A third of the players win three times their buy-in and the remaining players win nothing.
  • "Lottery": Three person games with accelerated blind level timings and shorter stacks. The prize is randomly chosen before the game begins and only the first place winner gets the prize.
  • "Re-Entry": A player can re-enter a tournament after they are felted.
  • "Power_Up": Three person game with special "powers" that are not typically possible in table games.
  • "Progressive-Bounty": Same as bounty tournaments except half of the bounty amount goes to the hand winner and the other half of the bounty is added to the winner's bounty.
If your site/network offers a type of tournament that cannot be properly identified via one of the above flags then please see the Change Request Process to learn how to submit your requst to include the flag in the specification at which point, once approved, it will get included and the specification version will be increased.
Fifty, fifty sit 'n go.
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