Hand flags that may be relevant.


Hand flags that may be relevant. Special characteristics about a hand that may be needed to fully understand the hand. This is easily expanded without hand history format change.

Nullable: true

Can be omitted, null or empty array if there are no flags associated with the hand.

Type: array (of strings)


  • "Run_It_Twice": Two [or more] sets of board cards are used in the play of the same hand. This flag should also be used for hands that are run three times or more.

  • "Anonymous": The players at the table are all anonymous players and do not have a specified name or ID associated with them for historical records.

  • "Observed": The hand was observed and the hero was not dealt into the hand.

  • "Fast": Fast poker game. Any fast fold variant where once you fold you immediately move to the next hand.

  • "Cap": A game that limits the amount that each player can wager per hand.

If you need to flag a hand that is currently not an option then please see the Change Request Process to learn how to submit your request for inclusion in the specification at which point we will add it and increase the specification version number.


An anonymous table that was observed:

"flags": [

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