The action performed.


The action performed.
Type: string
    "Dealt Cards": Player is dealt cards.
    "Mucks Cards": The player mucks/doesn't show their cards.
    "Shows Cards": The player shows their cards.
    "Post Ante": The player posts an ante.
    "Post SB": The player posts the small blind.
    "Post BB": The player posts the big blind.
    "Straddle": The player posts a straddle to buy the button.
    "Post Dead": The player posts a dead blind.
    "Post Extra Blind": The player posts any other type of blind.
    "Fold": The player folds their cards.
    "Check": The player checks.
    "Bet": The player bets in an un-bet/unraised pot.
    "Raise": The player makes a raise.
    "Call": The player calls a bet/raise.
    "Added Chips" - Player adds chips to his chip stack (cash game only).
    "Sits Down" - Player sits down at a seat.
    "Stands Up" - Player removes them self from the table.
"Bet" is not a valid pre-flop action.
For a "Raise" the "amount" specified in the <action_obj> should be the amount the player put into the pot for this action. For example, if a player bet $2 and was raised then re-raised to a total of $20 the amount for the raise should be 18.00
The player posted the big blind:
"action": "Post BB"
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